About Us


Who Are We 

We are people who have played and loved this game.

Tennis has given us the opportunity to grow, thrive, and learn, and we want to make sure all kids can too. We are devoted to creating after school programs for schools not able to supply them. We supply schools with nets, balls, racquets, and volunteers teaching kids to play. With the support of the tight-knit tennis community, we hope to bring Tennis for All to as many schools and kids as possible.

We provide children of all socio-economic backgrounds a fundamentally strong tennis foundation and a safe environment to learn and play tennis. “Tennis For All” brings the sport of tennis a collaborative, positive and healthy recreational attitude to as many kids as possible. Your generosity allows us to provide this healthy, fun and safe recreational learning environment.

What Do We Need?

  • Tennis racquets
  • Balls
  • Nets
  • Volunteers

Where Are We Located

We are based in Ridgewood New Jersey. We are newly established this year. This year has taught us that tennis is the one safe sport that can truly survive anything. With all activities closing it seemed like tennis was the first activity where people could do and feel the safest they can. Looking around at parks where they were all blocked off and even basketball courts with no hoops, it was made clear that tennis needed to become more inclusive to those in different socio economic group


Our Goals

  • To create tennis communities and after school programs for high school students
  • Launch elementary school clinic day with exciting events
  • Create tennis courts and supply foldable nets to areas where they could create self made tennis courts
  • Allow kids to possibly further their tennis careers after high school
  • Create Tennis For All summer camps